SEMO ARC Repeaters 146.685/444.200

Saturday the 3rd of December, 2011, we were finally able to get the hardline's, jumper's, and antenna's replaced. The system is running at full operation. The tower climber did a superb job and he was worth the money that our club had to spend to have him work on a Saturday. I would like to thank the following individuals who assisted in the removal and installation:

Wes Kintz - Our tower climber from Piedmont, MO
James Keene - My son

And our Club Members:

George - KDØGUF
Ernie - WØRMS
Barry - ACØWL

Thanks for your help!!!

Next task is to repair the antenna and jumper at the Scopus site 146.820. Pending the approval from the Missouri Repeater Council and depending on material availability we will also try to raise the antenna to a higher level on that tower. The club officials or repeater trustee must contact the MRC for this approval.

Tom, WX9N